Jones AT&T Stadium Information and Schedule

Jones Stadium in Lubbock

 The Jones Stadium is the home of the Texas Tech football team and is located in Lubbock, Texas. This bowl-shaped stadium holds 50,500 seats, and features a giant Double T scoreboard-message center. The playing surface is made of Astroturf, which was installed in 1988.

 Since its opening in 1947, the Jones Stadium has gone through continual expansion and renovation in order to keep it among the country's most attractive stadiums. The bowl-shape and large number of viewing areas make the Jones Stadium a popular facility with the fans.

 The enlargement process in 1959 is still considered one of the most unique engineering feats ever attempted. The playing field was dug up to a depth of 28 feet and the stadium was widened eastward a distance of 226 feet. This was accomplished by pulling each section of stands on steel rollers along iron nails- more than 10 million pounds of concrete and steel.

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