I often find myself educating customers to our website www.TicketsToGo.com so I thought I would put these ideas out for everyone. Hopefully this will help make your ticket buying experience smoother.  Let me start by saying we (Ticket Brokers) are in business to make money.  I often advise people that taking cash to the venue box office is the most economical way to buy tickets.  If you are looking for the cheapest way to buy tickets, that is your answer. The problem is that many people don’t want to go through that hassle.  The 2nd cheapest way is to call the box office or access them through the internet and pay whatever service fees they include and take whatever they determine to be “best available”.

The other way to buy event tickets is to go through a ticket broker like www.TicketsToGo.com.  Ticket Brokers provide a service. We make tickets available when other avenues are sold out or don’t have the quality ticket you are looking for. Some of our clients are corporations that need tickets at the last minute and don’t want to entertain that important customer in the nosebleed seats left at the box office, if there are any tickets left at all.  They count on us being able to provide great tickets to most events.

Not all of our customers are big corporations.  Most are ticket buyers that just want good seats to see their favorite team or artist. Here are my suggestions to you, based on more than 20 years of helping people buy the tickets they want.

  • Please fill out the contact and credit card information correctly.  We will not send or even set aside the tickets you ordered without the correct information.
  • Always check the box to receive an upgrade if available.  We don’t list everything that we have and you might get better seats for the same price.If you picked 2 tickets out of 4 we might offer you tickets a couple of rows closer to preserve the 4 pack.  TicketsToGo’s policy is to never send you tickets other than what you ordered without your approval.  If you are buying from someone else, check the upgrade option but add a note in the comment box to call you before moving you seat location.
  • If you can’t find a phone number on a website, go to another site.
  • If you only go to a couple of events each year buy the best seats you can afford.  Not everyone can afford to be front row center but you will enjoy the event more if you are closer to the action.  If the difference between being in the upper level and the lower level is $20 buy the lowers.  If you see seats in the same section and row D is $50 more than row G, I would recommend using the $50 for dinner or drinks and sit in the 7th row instead of the 4th.
  • The customer is always right but keep in mind that we have been doing this for 20+ years and know what we are doing.
  • If you insist on buying concert tickets on the front row floor and the only thing available is “wall bangers” (seat numbers all the way on the outside edge) we will sell them to you.  We will probably suggest seats a few rows back and more to the center.  But if you have to be front row that’s ok. 
  • We had a customer order US Open Tennis tickets center court low rows at Arthur Ashe Stadium.  It was a good customer that usually bought New York Yankee tickets and this was the first time she ordered tennis.  I asked her if she wanted me to send some aspirin along with the tickets. She asked why she would need the aspirin and I said it would be for her neck ache.  Why am I going to have a neck ache she asked?  Because you are going to be turning your neck back and forth for 3-4 hours watching the ball.  She asked where I thought she should sit and I suggested the shady corner behind the service line.  She has ordered the same seats for several years in a row.
  • A lady came into our office looking for Houston Texan tickets.  She said that her son was coming home from Iraq and she wanted to get good seats on the 50 yard line.  I asked who he was going to the game with a she said a buddy that is also home on leave.  I asked if she thought they might like some tickets on the 2nd row 15 yard line instead that cost less.  She declined and asks to keep the 50 yard line seats.  Then I pulled out a photo of the view from the 15 yard line and she chose them after all.  The 15 yard line is where the Texan Cheerleaders’ perform.
  • Another person wanted to sit behind the Houston Astros dugout for a Sunday afternoon game. I told him the roof maybe open and he would be in the sun. He bought tickets on the 3rd base side for that day and ordered more Astros tickets by the Astros’ dugout for an evening game.
  •  A first time customer wanted Wicked Theater Tickets for New York.  I told him there were some fronts row tickets available but recommend 10th row just off center.  He agreed that the best part of sitting on the front row for theater was the prestige of walking to the front row, after that it’s not the best place to be.  We would have made more money selling the front row tickets but now we have a satisfied customer that buys from us regularly.
  • Go Sober! I know this sounds weird but I’ve been to plenty of shows I can only vaguely remember.   
  • When to buy?  Buy them now.  Plenty of people have missed out on the good seats because they played the waiting game.  

What I want you to understand is that we, at TicketsToGo.com, realize that you are spending a lot of money for your entertainment tickets.  We don’t take your business for granted and understand we are not the only ticket broker you could buy from. Our goal is to get you the best tickets you can afford and ensure that you enjoy your event.         

  • Remember we are in this to make money and the price you pay for tickets will be more than the face value printed on the ticket.  We have overhead, pay taxes, insurance, benefit programs for our employees etc.