Pittsburgh Panthers Football Tickets

Pittsburgh Panthers Tickets - Pittsburgh Panthers fan club - cheap Pittsburgh Panthers ticketsThe sports teams of the University of Pittsburgh or "Pitt" are known as the Panthers and have a legendary history in all sports, especially basketball and football.




National Championships

The Pittsburgh Panthers football team has claimed 5 unanimous NCAA National Championships and parts of 10 others for a total of 15 National Titles: 1981 (Montgomery, NCF), 1980 (FNG, CFR, DeVold, Howell, Self, NYT, Sagarin, Eck, Fleming), 1976 (unanimous), 1937 (unanimous), 1936 (unanimouss shared with Minnesota), 1933 (Kirlin), 1931 (FNG, Kirlin, Davis), 1929 (Davis), 1927 (Esso), 1925 (Sorenson), 1918 (unanimous), 1917 (Weyand, Wilson, Jessen, Koger, Smith, NSF), 1916 (unanimous), 1915 (Libby, Koger, Smith, Davis), 1910 (Century, Morgan, Smith, Premo, NCF, FNG)