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Come see Norah sing all her songs beautifully as only she can. She can sing jazz hits like Billie Holiday as well as country songs like Hank Williams. Expect her to sing crowd smooth jazz favorites like "Sunrise," "What Am I to You?," and "Waiting for You" along with country hits like "Creepin' In" and "Hands on the Wheel."

Grammy Award winning Singer Norah Jones is touring the US to capacity filled venues. Her 2002 debut album was a smash hit selling over 20 million copies. Her 2004 Feels like Home did very well too.

Picking up 5 personal Grammy Awards in 2003, Nora has taken the record world by storm. Her album picked up an additional 3 Grammy Awards.

Nora changed her style to country for her 2nd offering 2004's Feels like Home. The album sold over a million the 1st week. Nora made Time's most influential list for 2004. 

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