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Less Than Jake ticketsChris Demakes and Vinnie Fiorello were part of Good Grief with Shaun Grief in high school.The band broke up when Chris went off to UF. In 1992 the LTJ band was formed. Chris & Vinnie wrote songs on the weekends before he joined Chris at UF. Originally the band was named after Vinnie's dog. Roger Manganelli, took over at bass and the band added a horn with Jessica Mills. They released their debut album & hand pressed the 300 copies themselves. Buddy Schaub and his trombone were the next addition to the band. The band put out an EP called Better Class Of Losers and a few singles that would appear on Losers, Kings, and Things We Don't Understand. The debut on Dill Records was the 1995 Skankin' Pickle. Derron Nuhfer joined the band while Schaub was in Europe and became a permanent member in 1995.
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