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  • Music Notes:

    Arena Rock (stadium rock/anthem rock) - this loosely defined era of rock spawned from hard rock, heavy metal, & progressive rock. Foreigner, Journey, & Styx helped define this genre. Arena rock is not so hard as Hard Rock & heavy metal but still has some of the heavy rock sound while maintaining the commercial/Pop appeal. Like Progressive rock the songs are linked by concept albums. The productions are slick and the emphasis is on big choruses and anthemic hooks.

    The arena rock concerts are big productions as well including lights, smoke, monstrous amps & video screens, and of course fire.
    The origins can be traced back to rock greats like The Who & Led Zeppelin. The arena rock bands like Foreigner, & Journey sold out the largest venues in the world in the 80s. Arena rock lost its appeal as younger audiences identified more with alternative rock, indie rock, new wave, punk, & grunge.

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