You can trace the origins of comedy back to the ancient Greeks. Aristotle designated comedy as one the four literature genres in Poetics. The outline for a comedy in literature is to have a "ugly guy" who can't get anything right but in the end succeeds and gets the girl.

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Stand-up comedy events and awards

* British Awards
* Canadian Awards
* Cat Laughs Festival
* The Comedy Festival, in Aspen, formerly the HBO Comedy Arts Festival
* Comedy Walk, monthly comedy festival in Los Angeles
* Edinburgh Festival Fringe
* Edinburgh Festival
* Halifax Festival
* Just for laughs festival
* Leicester Festival
* Melbourne International Festival
* New Zealand International Festival
* New York Underground Festival
* HK International Festival
* Vancouver Festival

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There are many comedic genres including black , blue , character , observational, alternative, physical, prop, surreal, deadpan, topical, satirical, wit, word, insult, and improvisational comedy.


Humorists intend to provoke you into a knowing smile rather than the belly laughs you get from some forms of comedy. Some notable humorists are Woody Allen, Chelsea Handler, Garrison Keillor, Will Rogers, Mark Twain, Dr. Seuss, and David Sedaris.

Comedy Tickets

  • David Sedaris
    David Sedaris

    David Sedaris uses his own life experiences for most of his jokes

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  • Jay Leno
    Jay Leno

    Johnny Carson's successor to the Tonight Show

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  • Jeff Dunham
    Jeff Dunham

    Appeared on Comedy Central with his talking jalapeno pepper

    Jeff Dunham

  • Jeff Foxworthy
    Jeff Foxworthy

    Jeff Foxworthy is the best selling comedy artist ever

    Jeff Foxworthy

  • Jerry Seinfeld
    Jerry Seinfeld

    His TV series was one of the mosts successful sitcoms ever.

    Jerry Seinfeld

  • Lisa Lampanelli
    Lisa Lampanelli

    Nothing is off limits to the Queen of Mean

    Lisa Lampanelli

  • Russell Peters
    Russell Peters

    hilarious and cerebral comedy - controversial self-effacing comedian

    Russell Peters Tickets

  • Steve Harvey
    Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey had his own sitcom from 1996-2002

    Steve Harvey tickets

  • Terry Fator
    Terry Fator

    Terry Fator - famed ventriloquist and impressionist

    Terry Fator

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Jeff Dunham tickets

Jeff Dunham tickets Jeff is a master ventriloquist. Come see the talking jalapeno pepper on a stick named Jose Jalapeno, Walter, Achmed the Dead Terrorist & Melvin the superhero.   



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Jerry Seinfeld tickets

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