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Bowfire ticketsCanadian musical Bowfire, features multiple violins and their songlist is an eclectic mix of bluegrass , Celtic, classical , jazz , rock & world music. In addition to the 9 violinists, one song is played on a Chinese southern fiddle (erhu).
A popular composition is "Fiddler in the Hood". Look for them to cover monster hits like "Kashmir".
They made their 200 debut at Expo 2000 in Germany. They were so popular that they were invited to the Governor-General's Awards telecast. Bowfire had over 100 perfomances in 2008.

Performers - Stephane Allard - Bill Bridges - Stephanie Cadman - Shane Cook - Bogdan Djukic -George Gao - Yi-Jia Susanne Hou - Ray Legere - Lew Mele - Jon Pilatzke - Ben Riley - Bernie Senensky - Wendy Solomon - Lenny Solomon - Kelli Trottier

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