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  David Gray sings Alternative Rock, and Folk-Rock. David came to world wide fame in 2000.
 Studio albums * Draw the Line (2009) * Life in Slow Motion (2005) * A New Day at Midnight (2002) * Lost Songs 95-98 (2000) * White Ladder (2000) * Sell, Sell, Sell (1996) * Flesh (1994) * A Century Ends (1993) *

  The Hothouse Flowers play alternative rock, folk rock, and Celtic rock. They have 9 albums from 1988-2006.

GBS is the premiere Canadian folk-rock band. They perform the best folk songs including sea shanties. Their latest album is Fortune’s Favour. The 1st cut released as a single is “Walk On the Moon”.
Early History
Their 1st official gig was an opening for the Irish Descendants in 1993. Founding members included Alan Doyle, Sean McCann, Darrell Powerm and Bob Hallett. Power McCann & Hallett played in “Rankin Street”. The story goes that Doyle had the van & Rankin Street had the amp making it a great matchup.


  The folk-rock band Girlyman started out in Brooklyn but are now based in Atlanta. They have 4 compilations.

  Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams are a folk-rock band. The band formed in 1998 and has 14 albums.

  Flogging Molly play Celtic punk, punk rock, Oi!, and folk rock music. They have 4 studio and 3 live/compilation albums.

  Elvis Perkins is a folk-rock singer. He released his 2nd album in 2009.