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Artie Lange ticketsYou've seen him on the Howard Stern Show and on MADtv now see his stand-up live.
Artie Lange kept his dad out of jail by virtue of being 2 weeks old. He took a DNA test on Hward Stern to evaluate his heritage and found out he was 25% Native American. Artie intends to reconsider his outlook on old western movies.
 He was an All Country 3rd baseman in high school. Perhaps his sense of humor shown through when he tried to impress a bank teller with a fake holdup note that included his name. The teller took the note seriously and he had to do a couple years probation and community service.
 Lange had a radio job offer from Wyoming but became a longshoreman to help support his family. He started doing stand-up comedy and realized this was his true vocation. He got the MADtv job in 1995.
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