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Ani DiFranco ticketsAni relates to the folk in the crowd as she is a true folk singer. She is a true independent artist performing on her own label. She performed all the vocals, and played all the instruments on her 2004 album "Educated Guess". She even recorded the album at home and was involved on the artwork and design. Her latest studio album is Canon and she has a live album Hamburg - 10.18.07.

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Nov 3 Fri 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco Babcock Theatre
Billings, MT
Nov 4 Sat 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco Ellen Eccles Theatre
Logan, UT
Nov 8 Wed 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco The Neptune Theatre
Seattle, WA
Nov 9 Thu 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco Wonder Ballroom
Portland, OR
Nov 10 Fri 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco McDonald Theatre
Eugene, OR
Nov 12 Sun 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
Nov 14 Tue 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco Downtown Palace
Los Angeles, CA
Nov 15 Wed 8:00 PM Ani DiFranco The Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ
Nov 17 Fri 9:00 PM Ani DiFranco Granada Theater - TX
Dallas, TX
Nov 18 Sat 7:00 PM Ani DiFranco Emo's East
Austin, TX
Nov 19 Sun 7:00 PM Ani DiFranco House of Blues - New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

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