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Native Americans roamed Washington thousands of years before Americans & Europeans arrived. WA was part of the Oregon Territory 1848-1853. In 1853 it was separated into Washington Territory, Washington joined the Union in 1889.

There is archaeological evidence that the Pacific Northwest was one of the 1st populated areas in North America. Bones of humans and animals have been found dating back 13,000 years.The Olympic Peninsula was inhabited in 9,000 BC.

There were 125 NW tribes with 50 dialects before the Euro-Americans arrived. Coastal tribes in the Puget Sound region had abundant resources of halibut, salmon, shellfish, and whale. Since cedar was in abundance it was used for longhouses and large canoes. Even clothing was made from cedar bark. The Washington tribes along the Columbia River were rich with salmon. Millions of salmon spawned at Washington Falls. The women became traders as the men spent their time on war parties. The eastern tribes (Plateau tribes) were not as rich and got by with seasonal hunting, fishing, and gathering. In the Plateau tribes men & women were both responsible for food.

The Chinook, Lummi, Quinault, Makah, Quileute, and Snohomish are the principle tribes of the coast. The Cayuse, Nez Percé, Okanogan, Palouse, Spokane, Wenatchee, and Yakima are the Plateau tribes. There are more than 20 Indian reservations in Washington.

500 years ago an earthquake triggered a mudflow that covered a village at Ozette. Their misfortune gives us a glimpse of the past with 50,000 well preserved artifacts. You can see many of these artifacts at the Makah Cultural and Research Center in Neah Bay. Twenty five hundred year old Quartz knife blades about the size of a thumbnail were found near Clallam Bay.

In 1774 by Spaniard Juan Pérez made the 1st European visit to Washington. Don Bruno de Heceta claimed the land a year later.

James Cook sighted Cape Flattery in 1778 but it took another year for Charles W. Barkley to explore the straits.