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Major League Baseball is the big show and the National League and American League work to produce a World Series after the regular season. Each team plays 162 games so there is plenty of opportunity to get out to the ballpark and cheer your favorite team along. Many consider baseball America's pastime.

One notable difference between the two leagues is the Designated Hitter in the American League. When the two leagues meet, they play by the home team's rules.

As of 2000 the two leagues are considered one under the umbrella of the of the MLB.

The original MLB agreement goes back to the 1876 NL Constitution and has revisions as recent as 2005. With the Commissioner's direction the MLB hires the umpires and negotiates TV contracts as well as labor and marketing. The MLB also controls the minor leagues which is one of their sources for talented players. This unique control is a result of the 1922 Supreme Court ruling which held that baseball is not subject to antitrust law.

While baseball has considered international expansion the 30 teams are split as above.

With 8 teams in each league, the regular season consisted of 154 games (7 opponents x 22 games each) 1904 to the 60s . While they expanded to 10 teams in the 60s the schedule was changed to 162 games (9 opponents x 18 games each). The schedule is currently 162 games but the layout was changed so that teams play more games in their division.

Some seasons were shortened in times of war (1918) and due to player strikes & lockouts (1972, 1981, 1994, 1995). The flu cut the 1919 season to 140 games. Prior to 1904 the season varied annually.

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