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    Top Pacific 10 Basketball Games

    Pacific 10 21st Century Champions

    Season Conference Champion (#) Tournament Champion (#)
    2008-09 Washington (10)
    2007-08 UCLA (30) UCLA (3)
    2006-07 UCLA (29) Oregon (2)
    2005-06 UCLA (28) UCLA (2)
    2004-05 Arizona (11) Washington (1)
    2003-04 Stanford (11) Stanford (1)
    2002-03 Arizona (10) Oregon (1)
    2001-02 Oregon (4) Arizona (4)
    2000-01 Stanford (10)

    By the 1985-86 season, the Pac-10 was one of three remaining conferences that gave their automatic NCAA tournament bid to the regular season round-robin champion. The other two conferences were the Ivy League and the Big Ten Conference.
    The modern Pacific-10 Conference Men's Basketball Tournament format began in 1987. It was dropped after 1990 upon opposition from coaches and poor revenue and attendance.
    The tournament was restarted by a 8-2 vote of the athletic directors of the conference in 2000 after determining that a tournament would help increase exposure of the conference and help the seeding of the schools in the NCAA tournament. sells premium PAC-10 Tickets, sporting event tickets, MLB tickets, NBA tickets, NASCAR Tickets, NHL Tickets and WWE wrestling tickets. Let Tickets To Go get those hard to find NCAA bowl tickets for you. Upgrade from cheap PAC-10 Tickets to premium NCAA basketball tickets. Come see NCAA basketball up close.