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Mannheim Steamroller ticketsMannheim Steamroller really knows how to put on a show. Mannheim Steamroller Christmas shows are legendary with spectacular lighting and brilliant orchestration. Chip Davis composes most of the Mannheim Steamroller arrangements and the musicians are superb. In 2005 Mannheim Steamroller and Chip Davis teamed with WestStar TalkRadio Network to produce an unparalled twelve hour Christmas radio program Mannheim Steamroller's An American Christmas. Hosted primaraily by Chip Davis together with the programs' producer/writer, Barry Young, An American Christmas has grown to become a favorite Christmas Eve and Christmas Day radio offering broadcast and heard in most American cities and towns each holiday.   The current lineup of the band is: Chip Davis (drums and percussion), Jackson Berkey (keyboards), Almeda Berkey (keyboards), Roxanne Layton (percussion and woodwinds), Ron Cooley (guitar and bass), Arnie Roth (strings), and Chuck Pennington (orchestra conductor). There are two touring groups one on the East Coast and another on the West Coast. Both are directed & co-produced by Chip Davis .
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Nov 21 Tue 7:30 PM Mannheim Steamroller Adams Event Center
Missoula, MT
Dec 2 Sat 8:00 PM Mannheim Steamroller McCallum Theatre
Palm Desert, CA
Dec 19 Tue 3:30 PM Mannheim Steamroller Christmas North Iowa Community College
Mason City, IA
Dec 19 Tue 7:30 PM Mannheim Steamroller Christmas North Iowa Community College
Mason City, IA

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