Josh Turner Tickets

Josh Turner Josh is setting the country music charts on fire ever since 2003 when he released "Long Black Train". In 2005 he had 2 number 1s - "Your Man" & "Would You Go With Me". The album went multi platinum.

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Sep 23 Wed 8:00 PM Josh Turner Best Buy Theater
New York, NY
Sep 24 Thu 8:00 PM Josh Turner Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank, NJ
Sep 25 Fri 8:00 PM Josh Turner The Wolf Den
Montville, CT
Sep 26 Sat 7:30 PM Josh Turner Frederick County Fairgrounds Eventplex
Frederick, MD
Oct 2 Fri 8:00 PM Josh Turner Paramount Theater
Charlottesville, VA
Oct 3 Sat 7:30 PM Josh Turner Bloomsburg Fair
Bloomsburg, PA
Nov 13 Fri 8:00 PM Josh Turner River City Casino
St Louis, MO

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