John Hiatt Tickets

John Hiatt ticketsJohn Hiatt is a great guitar player & composer. When his song was covered by Three Dog Night he started recording his own albums. You've heard his songs covered by many big name artists including BB King Tickets , Bob Dylan , Bonnie Raitt , Buddy Guy , Emmylou Harris , Jimmy Buffett  , Willie Nelson. His latest album, Same Old Man, came out in May 2008.
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May 1 Sun 7:30 PM John Hiatt South Orange Performing Arts Center
South Orange, NJ
May 3 Tue 7:30 PM John Hiatt Academy of Music - MA
Northampton, MA
May 8 Sun 7:30 PM John Hiatt Asbury Hall inside Babeville
Buffalo, NY
May 11 Wed 8:00 PM John Hiatt Rams Head On Stage
Annapolis, MD

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