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Ticketmaster purchased TicketsNow for over $265 million matching eBay's acquisition of StubHub for $310 million. This gives TicketMaster a secondary market outlet along with it's control of the primary market. Meanwhile Live Nation indicates that it will launch its own ticket selling business once the contract with Ticketmaster expires in 2009.

Wanting to go to your favorite sports or theatrical event? How would you like to buy your front-row concert tickets for your favorite performer? Want to risk getting stuck in a seat where you need binoculars? What if you cannot get a ticket at all? What if is sold out? If you answered yes to any of the above, then TicketMasters is definitely worth investigating.

Whether you use Ticketmaster online or go to the box office you are likely to be disappointed unless you get very lucky. The advantage of using Tickets To Go is that you can buy the tickets at your convenience. Yes you pay a bit more for this service but when you really need good seats for a hot date it's worth it.

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TicketMaster's prices are not generally combatively priced. TicketMasters charges what it deems to be a 'decent' amount, which is jointly reached by TicketMaster and the artist(s). The number and cost of TicketMasters tickets are highly dependent upon the size of a venue and the number of fans in that vicinity. Quite frequently, events are sold out within a few days, even a few minutes, after the initial sale; and these venues tend to be the most expensive on the wholesale market, with the most competition for the best seats. And you can forget about having a friend being able to sit any where near you if you both go to Ticket Masters independently.

Tickets To Go offers another, more civil, way of buying tickets: one that does not require busy signals, long lines, endless button-pushing mazes, down websites, or hostile crowds. Additionally, while purchases via equate to a stab in the dark, with Tickets To Go you can survey all of your options, including seating charts and prices, as well as talk to professional sales counselors, before you buy. And unlike, we frequently help people find even better seats if a deal comes up after the initial purchase, or if some one inadvertently chose inferior seats.

Buying tickets through is one of the most convenient avenues for obtaining great seats to events nationwide. We are networked with over 1000 Ticket Brokers nationwide allowing us to provide an even greater selection of tickets for that special event you are looking for.   We are a NATB national Ticket Broker located in the great Houston area; and we offer tickets to events across the United States.  You can browse our site 24 hours a day 7 days a week, or call us at 281.489.1118 to get tickets.  Our office hours are 9 AM to 6 PM CST and Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM.  

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