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Billy Ocean

  Billy Ocean plays R&B, pop and soul music. He was the top British R&B singer of the 80s.

Bacon Brothers

  The Bacon Brothers are Micheal and Kevin. They have played together most of their life but became a working band in 1995.

Ashford and Simpson

  Ashford and Simpson are husband and wife. They have over 20 albums from 1971-2009.

Aretha Franklin

  Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul. She’s been singing since 1956.

Anthony Hamilton

  Anthony Hamilton sings R&B, soul and neo soul. He became mainstream with the 2003 studio album Comin from Where I’m From.

Anita Baker

 Anita is the Rapture R&B lady with the soulful voice. Her music spans many genres including adult contemporary, quiet storm, smooth jazz, & soul. She’s won Grammys and has a number of multi platinum albums.

Amel Larrieux

  Amel Larrieux sings Soul, R&B, neo soul, jazz, and folk music. She rose to the top as a founding member of Groove Theory.