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  The Bouncing Souls are a punk rock band. They formed in 1987 and have 9 studio albums.

Bob Mould

  Bob Mould plays punk rock and alternative rock music. He’s been playing since 1979 and has 9 studio albums.

  The Beastie Boys play hip hop, punk rock and rap rock music. They have been together since 1979.

  Amanda Palmer sings alternative rock, punk rock, and dark cabaret music. She’s the lead singer for the Dresden Dolls.

  Agent Orange plays Punk rock, Surf punk and Hardcore punk music. They are one of the 1st bands to mix surf muisc & punk rock.


Clutch tickets

Clutch plays a variety of music including blues rock, funk metal, hardcore punk, heavy metal, and stoner rock. They released their 1st EP in 91.

Blink 182

Blink 182 
Blink 182 tickets

Blink 182 plays pop punk, punk rock and skate punk music. The band played together from 1992-2005 and reformed in 2009.