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  Rob Thomas is the lead singer and songwriter for Matchbox 20. He performs solo and used to be with Tabitha’s Secret.

  Framing Hanley is a post grunge/post-hardcore band. They formed in 2005 and released their debut studio album in 2008.

  Collective Soul plays alternative rock & post-grunge music. “Shine” put them on the main stream charts in 1993.


 Chevelle plays post-grunge, alternative Metal and hard rock music. In their early days they played progressive metal music.


  Candlebox plays post-grunge, grunge, hard rock and alternative rock music. The group was formed in 1991 and reformed in 2006.

  Blue October plays alternative rock, post-grunge, and experimental rock music. They started out in Houston,  Texas in 1995.

  Better Than Ezra plays alternative rock and post-grunge music. They have been together since 1987 and have 10 albums.