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  Asleep at the Wheel plays country and western swing music. They have garnered 9 Grammys since 1970.

 Alejandro has won Latin Grammys and is called “El Potrillo” (“The Little Colt”) which refers to him being the son of Vincente Fernandez. His music spans the genres of ballad, bolero, Latin pop, mariachi, and ranchera.

Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar 
Pat Benatar tickets

Pat Benatar sings rock, hard rock, pop rock, blues, opera, and New Wave music. She has 4 Grammys and one of the 80s Top Platinum Album Recipients.

John Williams 
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John Williams has composed many of the block buster movie scores including Born on the Fourth of July, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Superman, and almost all the Steven Spielberg fims.

Dianne Reeves 
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Dianne Reeves  is one of the most important contemporary jazz singer today. She has 4 Grammys from 2001-2006.

Keyshia Cole  
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Keyshia Cole  is a Grammy nominated hip hop and R&B singer. She has 3 albums from 2005-2008.

Billy Ray Cyrus is a Grammy nominated country pop singer. His daughter plays Hannah Montana.