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Diana Jones

  Diana Jones is a country and folk singer. She has 5 albums from 1997 to 2009.

  David Wilcox is a folk singer. He released his 1st album  a couple of years out of college and had a record deal by 1989.

  David Bromberg plays a number of musical styles including bluegrass, blues, country, folk, jazz, and rock.He’s known for his eclectic style and quirky lyrics.

Dave Alvin

  Dave Alvin plays alternative country, roots rock, folk, blues, rockabilly, and punk music. He’s been in the music business since 1980.

  Chris Smither sings folk, rock and blues. He has a dozen albums from 1970-2006.

  Chris Hillman plays folk, bluegrass, folk rock, rock, country rock, & country music. He’s been in the music business since 1960.

  Cheryl Wheeler sings folk and country music. She’s been singing since 1986 and has 9 albums.