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California Philharmonic

  The California Philharmonic plays various cities in California including Los Angees, and Pasadena. You can also catch them at the Cal Phil Festival on the Green.

California Guitar Trio

  The California Guitar Trio plays classical guitar music with technical virtuosity and humor. They have released 12 albums.

Boston Symphony Orchestra

  The Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is one of the Big Five orchestras. BSO was founded in 1881. Get your BSO tickets from Tickets To Go and choose from great seats for all budgets.

Boston Pops

  The Boston Pops Orchestra was founded in 1885. They are a subsection of BSO (Boston Symphony Orchestra).

Berliner Philharmoniker

  Berliner Philharmoniker  is a classical orchestra. They were voted the #3 European orchestra. Get your tickets today for the best seat selection.

Ben Sollee

  Ben Sollee is a classical cellist. He incorporates some unusual instruments into his music to create his own unique style. 

Bela Fleck

  Bela Fleck plays bluegrass, jazz, jazz fusion, folk and classical music. He is a banjo virtuoso