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  Imani Winds plays classical, chamber music, jazz, and Latin music. They have 4 albums from 2002-2007.

  Houston Symphony played their 1st concert in 1913. They disbanded in 1918 and reformed in 1930.

  The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra plays most ot their performances at the Hollywood Bowl. The 1st incarnation of the orchestra was  “Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra” in 1945 but only lasted 2 seasons. The orchestra was re-established in 1990.


  Groovelily consists of of Valerie Vigoda  Brendan Milburn, and Gene Lewin. Their music combines classical, jazz & rock with music theatre.

Gil Shaham

  Gil Shaham grew up in Israel taking his 1st violin lessons at age 7. He made his debut at age 10 soloing with the Jerusalem Symphony.

  Gabriela Montero is a pianist and she gave her 1st performance when she was 5. She gave her 1st concert when she was 8.

  Garnet Rogers is Stan Rogers brother. Garnet plays several instruments including the guitar, mandolin, violin, and flute.