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Guess Who

  The Guess Who plays blues rock, hard rock, jazz rock, and classic rock music. This Canadian group was the 1st to hit #1 in the US.

  Frank Marino plays hard rock, blues-rock, and heavy metal music. He’s the lead guitar and frontman for Mahogany Rush.


  Foghat plays blues-rock, boogie rock and hard rock music. They have 5 gold records.

  The Fabulous Thunderbirds play Texas blues and blues-rock music. The group formed in 1974 and they have 11 studio albums.

  Eric Sardinas plays blues & blues-rock music. He started the guitar when he was a lad of 6.

  Eric Lindell plays blues-rock, pop rock, and soul rock music. He started in bands when he was 15.

  Eric Burdon plays all sorts of music including rock, blues-rock, R&B, funk rock, and psychedelic rock. He is the voice of the Animals and War. Checkout Eric Burdon