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Left-Hander Tim Byrdak was almost assured a bullpen position for Detroit but he couldn’t strike out any of the 5 Astros he faced in pre-season. He actually walked 4 of them. Now he is the answer for the Astros woes as Wandy is out for 15 days.

Tejada is getting some bad press about misleading the league about his age. He’s 33 rather than 31 and all his official papers have the correct age. The age discrepancy started back in 93. Ed Wade says the revelation has no effect on the team. Wade would like to see him play out his contract and more.

Cecil Cooper won’t get a suspension for arguing with the umpire over a bad call but he will have to face Bob Watson from the MLB rules & onfield operations. TV showed that the umpire blew the call when Geoff Blum’s drive to deep center came out of Spilborghs’ glove. Maybe we need challenge reviews like in NFL. Cooper stands by his actions and did not utter a curse word during this altercation or any other.

4-21 The Astros easily beat the Padres 10-3. Everything seemed to go their way. Tejada was 4 for 5 and Berkman brought in 3 runs with a home run in the 1st inning.

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