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Chris Titus

Chris Titus 
Chris Titus tickets

Chris Titus rose to national status with his TV show Titus. He has been a standup comedian since he was 18.

Denis Leary

Denis Leary 
Denis Leary tickets

Denis Leary is a standup comedian who has nominated for Golden Globe and the Emmy. His style is that of the angry chain smoking comedian.

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady 
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Wayne Brady does it all. He’s a singer, comedian, actor and TV personality.  He was a star on Whose Line is it Anyway?

Defending the Caveman 
Defending the Caveman Tickets

Defending the Caveman is a comedy and premiered in 1991. It has been seen by more than 8 million people.

Will Ferrell 
Will Ferrell tickets

Will Ferrell is a comedian as well as a Hollywood star. He started off with Saturday Night Live. He has many awards incluing an  Emmy, ESPY Awards, Golden Globes, a James Joyce to name a few.


Stephen Lynch 
Stephen Lynch tickets

Stephen Lynch is a musicain and a stand-up comedian. His songs have been nominated for the Tony Award.  He has 2 live albums and a studio album.

Flight of the Conchords are “Formerly New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo a cappella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”. They took their show from radio to BBC and then American TV.