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  700 Sundays is Billy’s Crystal’s one man show nostalgic trip down memory lane as he recounts his life. Billy Crystal cycles though his life as a youth, a teenager and an adult.

  Four Bitchin Babes was started by Christine Lavine in 1990. They perform light hearted folk songs with satire and humor.

  Doug Stanhope has been a stand-up comedian and a TV star since 1990. His comedy falls into many genres including black comedy, observational comedy, and satire/political satire.

Capitol Steps 
Capitol Steps tickets

The Capitol Steps perform satire. They have released almost 30 albums.

Der Rosenkavalier 
Der Rosenkavalier tickets

Richard Strauss’ beloved comic opera Der Rosenkavalier opened in 1911. The show was a success and is a must see.

Dane Cook

Dane Cook 
Dane Cook  tickets

Dane Cook has 3 comedy albums. His Retaliation  album is the highest charting album in almost 30 years.

Chris Titus

Chris Titus 
Chris Titus tickets

Chris Titus rose to national status with his TV show Titus. He has been a standup comedian since he was 18.